Our Pavement Services

Here at Doidge Contractors, California, we know how much quality matters to you.

And we know that your project, whether it be a personal one, as a homeowner, or a professional one, as a business owner, matters to you.

Every job is different and deserves its own consideration. We know this and for that reason, we always treat each project on its own merits.

We never try and shoehorn all types of jobs into one and everything we do is individually designed for your own special requirements.

We have a large crew who can make light work of your job – even if it seems pretty big.

Our flexible team turn their hands from everything from your front driveway, to an interstate highway.

Businesses, public bodies and private individuals all trust us to complete their projects, on time, on budget and always, their way.


We can create parking lots, walkways, driveways, roads and so much more, for every type of business or public need.

We construct the state’s roads and build its municipal parking lots. We make the repairs to its highways and keep its medical facilities accessible by patching hospital parking lots.

All this, and we can come and create your perfect driveway, or backyard.

It does not matter the size of your project, just rest assured it will be done and to the highest possible standard.


We can do it all. From laying your brand new asphalt paving, to sealing it and repairing it.

We provide the full range of services necessary to create, maintain and beautify your blacktop!

Every step along the way, you are in the driving seat and have the say about how things are arranged and how to keep your home or business open and accessible throughout the works.


We are the number one asphalt sealcoat providers in the state.

We can sealcoat everything, from your domestic driveway, to an airport runway.

Sealcoating is a way of ensuring your asphalt paving both lives longer and looks its absolute best all the time – regardless of the type of usage it gets!


Once we have laid your brand new parking lot or sealcoated it to perfection, we can also paint fresh lines on it.

We can stripe anything that needs to be striped – be it a college parking lot, a business parking lot, or even lines that need painting on your domestic driveway.

Arrange your completely free estimate from out expert contractors today – with absolutely no pressure or obligations!